Door Stop Decorative Door Wedge
Door Stop Decorative Door Wedge
Door Stop Decorative Door Wedge
Door Stop Decorative Door Wedge
Door Stop Decorative Door Wedge

Door Stop Decorative Door Wedge

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Door stop. This decorative door wedge is made from reclaimed wood. The wood is stained in walnut. The wood door stop is finished with a patterned ceramic door knob. The pattern on the door knob is blue, red and yellow in a floral style. The pattern consists of a large red flower with a yellow middle. There are dark blue patterns and tiny white dots as part of the pattern also. The wood of the doorstop wedge is very textured giving a rustic look. The wood also displays stunning grains. This wood door stopper would make a unique housewarming gift.

Door stopper wood.

The decorative door stop is made from reclaimed wood and is finished with a ceramic door knob.

The wood wedge is stained with Walnut which exaggerates the pattern of the grains in the wood.

The door stopper is finished with a ceramic door knob.

Colours on the door knob consist of, light blue, dark blue, red, yellow and white.

The ceramic door knob has a floral style pattern.

The pattern is red petals with a yellow center, on a light blue background with dark blue brush strokes and some small white dots.

This wooden door-stop is nice and chunky, to fit under any door and easy for handling.

The pattern on the wood wedge door stop has a modern look to it.

The wooden door stopper is in the traditional wedge style.

Doorstop is rustic.

The door hold is large and chunky.

The door stopper makes a fabulous addition to any room in the house.

Perfect to give as a housewarming gift.

Size : 13.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 4 cm ( approximately ).

N.B. Ceramic door knob is very slightly off centre ( by about 2 mm ) as seen photos, this does not affect the look or use of the product, This is reflected this in the price.

The door stop comes gift wrapped courtesy of SCW Studio of Wood.

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